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Bits of History

Emails have been sent out periodically to our membership.  Here are some tidbits of history that we shared in them.

 What Day is It?

A Heroic Story about the Calendar


Why is Chesterfield named after the

4th Earl of Chesterfield?

Why does it concern the Calendar?


The Town Meeting

A poem By Winifred Watts Cray


This outlines the traditional events at the

Annual Town Meeting


Sugaring Off


A little bit of the history about this important NH season and how times have changed in the production of Maple Syrup.



Lake Spofford Ice Harvest


Also known as Ice Cutting, this tidbit explains the old method of harvesting ice. 


Lake Spofford's Ice Hole Riddle

And Ice Out Lottery


An area of open water has persisted in the same location for two years.  What can the possible cause be? (Jan. 30, 2021)


A Poem by

Winifred Watts Cray


Food for Thought at Thanksgiving


The difference between 1621 meal and today

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