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Chesterfield's Master Storyteller

Charles Tazewell


Although Charles Tazewell and his wife Louise worked for years on the West Coast, they chose Chesterfield as their final home. The couple started out as actors and maintained their lifelong passion for the profession. They helped spearhead the “Brattleboro Little Theater” which operated for 18 years, producing over 60 shows. Also, Charles was a prolific writer. He was best known as a radio playwright, TV scriptwriter, and a children’s book author. His children’s books have left an endearing legacy. Some have been adapted in multiple mediums including Disney shorts, records, and a TV musical.


Most of Tazz's children's stories revolved around Celestial Beings and Christmas. In them, size didn’t matter when the heart was true, and love ruled. Why else would the “Littlest Snowman” (who wore an “I love you Truly” badge) sacrifice all to bring the village children a white Christmas. Looks didn’t matter either. The “Littlest General” was a toy tin soldier, misshaped and half painted. Despite rejection, he bravely saved the village from Christmas thieves. The “Littlest Tree” was merely a sprig decorated with rubbish, but to a small child in a war-torn land, it brought true joy that transcended the heavens.



His most famous tale is “The Littlest Angel”. It is a heartwarming tale about a 4-year-old boy’s difficult adjustment to being an angel. However, when all the Celestial Beings were asked to give a gift to the Christ Child, his modest but heartfelt present literally out shined all the rest. The story was originally written in 1939 as a radio script which was published as a book in 1946. After Helen Hayes read the story on the radio, it became an instant Christmas classic. Since publication, over 7 million copies have been sold, and it has been translated into multiple languages. In 1969, Hallmark Hall of Fame adapted the story into a Christmas TV musical special that can still be seen on YouTube.


Some of His Other Works




A small boy saves his beloved donkey's life, and it becomes part of the Christmas Story. (1947)



A Collection of The Littlest:


General, Uninvited One, Kangaroo, Princess, Waif, Fridgit, Bell, Santa, Tree, and Red Horse (1962)




A story about how a deformed and nearsighted stork finally earned his place in the Bureau of Heavenly Export. (1953)

Charles Tazewell 1900 - 1972

Louise Skinner Tazewell 1900 – 1993


Beginning around 1954, Charles and Louise made their home in Darling Place, a house in Chesterfield Village. The shed behind the house was his favorite working place. Even after his death, Louise, who dearly loved the home and area, resided there until her own passing.




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