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By Winifred Watts Cray


Old wooden inn with addition and trees Chesterfield Inn 1930s

There’s an old-world charm to Chesterfield,

The old houses, and buildings of stone.

Rustic hues and stately tall trees,

That time and change alone can tone.


In mornings wee hours folk walk their dogs

While night-shift workers rest and slumber.

Sounds of saw and hammer are heard,

As someone hews and works with lumber.

Large square white building with children playing Chesterfield Academy

School year filled with little children,

Rings out with laughter and loud noise,

Echo’s of a two-room schoolhouse,

That once served our girls and boys.


Today that old schoolhouse is still used,

Home for the American Legion,

Where meetings are held for members,

From town, and guests from our region.


Pennings Store (Post Office) 1958

Our lovely Main St. boasts “The Pillars,”

And a stone building, once Pennings Store,

Post Office still housed within it walls,

A walk down the street shows even more;


The Methodist Church built in 1844,

Its steeple rises against blue sky;

A heritage of over one-hundred years,

A beautiful sight as you pass by.


Stone building with large opening and windows men standing outside Stone Blacksmith Shop

Across the way the charming Westview

Where boarders once stayed to dine and rest;

Scrumptious meals were served for small groups,

The cuisine was one of the best.


A blacksmith shop built in 1810,

Once stood below the church on the hill.

Now part of Storrowton Village,

Leaves memories time cannot still.


For the ring of the hammer and anvil,

On horseshoe, as horses were shod;

Rebounds down through timeless ages,

When hooves clip, clopped on hard-packed sod.


White colonial church with two story steeple Asbury Methodist Church with old steeple

AsbThis is only one of the three parts

Encompassing this great little town;

Spofford, West Chesterfield, and Center,

The most scenic places around.


The grandeur of the olden days,

Pages of history will record,

In the beauty that is Chesterfield,

Can be seen the handiwork of the Lord.

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