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Town Meeting


Winifred Watts Cray

Originally sent on March 6, 2021

Winston Cray: Budget Committee Fielding Questions (March 1980)

There’s nothing like a meeting,

To clear the “verbal” air;

To hear yourself give comment,

With a decided flair!


Citizens and officials

Start to begin to commence;

Some one side or the other,

A few straddle the fence!


Every erstwhile project

Moves you to impart,

All knowledge you possess

Right from the very start.



March 2016: Discussing the Town Hall Annex Design

Though shaky as a leaf,

You voice your opinion.

Flail your arms all about,

While wobbling on your pinions!


Now each staunch supporter

Of your favorite “cause”,

Wriggles in their seats

As your opponent gets applause!


Dare you hope for their allegiance

As you proudly take a stand?

Or will this be just a’case

Of another “also ran”?


March 11, 1980 Questions and Comments (The Chesterfield News Vol. 4 no.1)

Soon the pot starts to bubble,

Then comes to a full boil,

Things get hot and heavy,

Sometimes ending in turmoil.


As the wheel turns slowly,

With vision we can see

Improvement along he way,

Some for you, some for me.


Keep our wits well sharpened,

Get right into the fray;

We’ll all come out well-versed,

More meetings on the way!





2018: Gary Winn addressing town issues

Try to keep your coolest “cool”,

And Shore up like the others;

With any kind of luck

You’ll end up with your “druthers”!


On occasion sit and

Just take everything in,

Only you know why you wear

That Cheshire Cat sly grin!


Secretly you bide your time,

Nodding now and then;

You shoot a verbal shot

Into the air again!


Next day you read the news

Because you really care.

“That’s not the way it was,” you say,

“I know, for I was there!”

Winifred Watts Cray 1923 - 2009 Chesterfield News Vol.7 no1 (March 1983)

About the Author


Winifred Cray lived in Chesterfield for 73 years, marrying her husband, Winston, here in 1946. Among many charitable organizations, she was a member of Asbury United Methodist Church, Chesterfield Library, and CHS. She was known for her poetry and had two books published. This poem appeared in "Ramblings" (1983). She was also an artist. Her pastoral paintings are displayed locally and throughout the world. She and her husband, who was selectman for 30 years, are buried in West Chesterfield Cemetery.

Town Meeting - TRADITION
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