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In Honor of Chesterfield Veterans


In 1926, A Congressional Resolution declared November 11 as “Armistice Day”. This gave the date official recognition for celebrating the end of the fighting in WWI that happened at 11AM, on Nov. 11, 1918 (the eleventh hour, of the eleventh day, of the eleventh month). Twelve years later, it became a National Holiday.  But, shortly afterward, war broke out again in Europe. Sixteen and one-half million Americans took part. Of these 470,000 died in service with more than 292,000 killed in action (KIA). This resulted in some parts of the country dedicating Armistice Day to all veterans. The first celebration using the term Veterans Day, was in Birmingham, AL in 1947. In 1954, Congress passed a bill that officially changed the date to Veterans Day.


Throughout its history, Chesterfield has contributed men to the military. It is unknown how many fought in the French and Indian Wars. Oran Randall's 1882 “History of Chesterfield”, gives a list of some Revolutionary and Civil War soldiers. Four town monuments recognize those who officially enlisted as a Chesterfield resident during several wars.  But there are many more that have served.


We Salute Them ALL!


With the exception of the Civil War, those with stars and bolded are our

Gold Star Soldiers and Sailors.




Allen, Thomas W.

Bevis, David E.

Bills, George J.

Brown, Ralph E.

Cameron, Ewen W.

Carpenter, John H. III

Carpenter, Robert e.

Champney, Alan M.

Chickering, Arthur B.

Clayton, Justin R.

Clough, Earl W.

Curdie, Robert H. Jr.

Davis, Robert E.

Davis, Thomas R.

Dietrich, Robert W.

 Dudek, John J. III

Farr, David A.

Foster, Brian E.

Foster, Douglas B.

Fuller, Gordon C.

Gale, Rocky J.

Garland, Raymond E.

Garland, Sherry W.

Gleason, Kendall L.

Gleason, Philip D.

Grimes, Frank L.

Guyette, Stuart A.

Herrick, John P.

Johnson, Edwin R.

Johnson, Robert E.

Kaiser, H. Walker *

Kaiser, Peter M.

Kaiser, Sharon A.

Knickerbocker, Jay H.

Koch, Larry F.

Korradi, Clifford F.

LaClair, Lewis W.

Lane, Bruce m.

Lane, Stephen j.

Laskowski, Stephen L.

Macie, Chester A.

Morse, David L.

Morse. William F.

Mosbaugh, Robert S.

Mowry, Stephen L.

Neilson, Dennis F.

O’Neil, James L.

O’Neil, William W. *

Patmos, Ray M. Jr.

Rudolph, Richard D.

Scileppi, Edward M.

Sonville, Eugene *

Smith, David N.

Shaw, Robert G.

Thompson, Lawrence I.

Wall, Douglas C.

Willette, John A.



Residents who served that responded to a past survey


George Oaks, USAF: 1950 -1954

Leslie J. Nicholas, USAF: 1951 – 1955:

William M.McCarty, U.S.Marine Corps: Aug 1956 - Aug. 1960.

SGT. Raymond William Egan, Jr., USMC: 8 September 1955 to July 18, 1958

John White, USMC: 1953 – 1957

Donald J. Skiba, Air Force: 1954 - 1962

1LT Stephen E. Brooks, US Army: 1985-1990

Logan James Hormor:  Army Ranger Medic: 2010-2014



Atkins, Alfred W.

Amidon, Ralph C

Bevis, George S.

Bevis, Harry N

Bills, Edmund H.

Bills, Neil C.

Cameron, Ewen W.

Chase, Charles I.

Chickering, Glenn G.

Chickering, Henry C. Jr.

Chickering, Lester C.

Cleveland, John L. Jr.

Cobb, Winston D.

Cooper, Joseph H.

Cutler, Alton L.

 Dean, John C.

Dietrich, Robert W.

Fuller, Donald G.

Gauthier, Bruce W.

Goodell, Robert L.

Hall, Bernard W.

Hall, Frederick R.

Hall, Francis L.

Hellus, Anthony F.

Humphrey, James E.

Howell, James R.

Johnson, Russell E.

Laskowski, Raymond I.

Nurse, John P.

Orr, Dorothy L.

Parker, V. Joyce

Post, Arthur H. III

Prentiss, William H.

Rogers, Alan E.

Robertson, Edwin W.

Riendeau, Burton E.

Schollar, Charles W.

Shippee, Robert A.

Stoddard, Russell Thompson, Lawrence I.


World War II

Aldrich, Basil H.

Aldrich, Edward R.

Amidon, Bruce R. *

Amidon, Mary A.

Atema, James T.

Barnes, Peggy Belle

Ball, William F. *

Bevis, Chester S.

Bevis, Shirley G.

Bernstein, Morris L.

 Bills, Allen H.

Bills, Neil C.

Blake, Lyle P.

Blake, James f.

Callahan, John t.

Cantliff, Laurence R. Jr.

Carey, Richard

Chickering, Bernard A.

Chickering, Lester M.

Chickering, Ralph C.

Chickering, Russell C.

Chickering, Winford l.

Cobb, Charles W.

 Cobb, Norman D.

Darling, Newton E.

Davis, Clinton A.

Delamater, Charles H.

Dort, Wakefield Jr.

Dunbar, Kenneth F.

Eager, Forrest J.

Flaes, Kenneth L

Fisher, Frank G.

Fisher, James C.

Fisher, Walter D.

Foley, Merwin P.

Foley, Ronald W.

Foster, Harold E. Jr.

Foster, Stuart F.

Foster, Wallace W.

Fowle, Leslie W.

Furlone Warren G.

Gover, Floyd L.

Guyette, Ronald T.

Hewett, Kenneth A.

Hills, Charles C.

Hood, Richard S.

Horrocks, Frank

Humphrey, Fred C. Jr.

Jacobson, Simon E.

Jacobson, Victor E.

Jorgenson, John e.

Kingsbury, Thayer

Kingsbury, Thayer Jr.

LaClaire, Guy

Lane, Clayton N.

Laskowski, Leonard A.

Lawton, Paul W.

Lee, George W. *

Lewis, Emily E.

Lewis, Floyd L.

Lyle, Cornelius R. II

Merrifield, Cecil A. *

Merrifield, Kenneth L.

Henry E. Merrill

Michaud, Claude R.

Morrison, Frank J.

Neilson, Harold W.

O’Kelly, Lawrence W.

Orr, Dorothy E.

Orr, John C.

Pame, Gilbert M.

Paine, Raymond E. Jr.

Pearson, Arvid W.

Pierce, Harry M.

Plante, Gordon P.

Polhemus, Oscar M.

Post, Arthur N. III

Post, Jane J.

Potter, Frederick S.

Putnam, Richard I.

 Rawson, Harold L.

 Rawson, Shirley P.

Rowe, Raymond N.

Sargent, Freeman E.

 Schlichting, Daniel P.

Shippee, Clarence L. Jr.

Snow, Julian H.

Spaulding, Stanley L.

Smith, robert D.

Tuttle, Deane S.

Twombly, Maynard E.

Underwood, Chester D. *

Underwood, Raymond e.

Watts, Ralph C.

Watts, Silas H.

West, Melvin C.

Weddell, Robert W.

Wiggin, Kenneth R.

 Willette, Edward J.

Wilson, Edwin H.

Wilson, Harper H.

Winn, Hadley W.


World War I

Amidon, A.N.

Barcome, W.N.

Butler, E.R.

Chase, N.C.

Cripps, A.C.

Davis, R.M.

Dearing, E.E.

Foster, F.H.

Foster, R.P.

Furlone, G. C.

Johnson, C.E.

Kuhlke, J. R.

Marshall, J.E.

Post, A.L.

Post, C.O. *

Putnam, D.L.

Putnam, M.

Robbins, E.A.

Robbins, P.P.

Wilson, A.L. Jr.



Some facts about our WWI Veterans

  • Henry Knight (disabled from gas; a “Lost Battalion” survivor. They were surrounded and besieged for five days (Oct. 2-7, 1918) only 194 of 600 survived.
  • John T. Prout – 5 battle stars, Croix & Guerre; a citation from Marshall Petain of France
  • Carl & John Castle – Were working in Scotland, part of 350 civilians in 10 sawmill units sent by U.S. government.
  • Paul Schlichting

Civil War


Bancroft, Clinton A.

Bancroft, Norris e.

Britton, Bradford

Britton, George S.

Butler, Roswell

Butler, John F.

Cobbs, Richard T.

Colburn, Warren *

Coverse, Julius C.

Crouch, Nelson s.

Darling, Calvin G.

Davis, Murray

Davis, Noyes J.

Eddy, George P.

Farnum, John M.

Farr, Charles M.

Farr, Charles R.

Farr, Ransom C.

Farr, Bradford C.

Farr. Wesley O.

Farr, Larkin D.

Farr, Chancey S.

Faulkner, Stephen P.

Field, James C.

Field, Francis A.

Fisk, Harrison F.

Frink, Oscar T.

Gilson, Calvin P.

Glizer, Walter W.

Goodrich, James W.

Goodrich, John F.

Goodwin, John H.

Harvey, Charles L.

Hastings, Foster W.

Hasting, Herbert r.

Hastings, Eugene

Henry, Hubbard W. *

Herrick, Dwight L.

Higgins, Sidney b.

Hildreth, John W.

Hildreth, George L.

Hill, Taylor e.

Holt, Frank J.

Holt, Joseph

Hopkins, George

Hosley, Wayland N.

Howe, Henry H.

Howe, Barton Jr.

Jackson, RobertLewis, Charles B.

Lewis, Reuben A.

Lincoln, Lucian O.

Lincoln, Horace S.

Martin, James M.*

McClenning, Henry J.*

Richardson, J. Milo

Robbins, Daniel E.

Safford, Otis

Safford, Norman D.

Safford, Leavitt W.

Scott, Otis H.

Scott, George D.

 Snow, Henry H.

Stoddard, James S.

Streeter, Edwin H.

Streeter, Albert W. *

Streeter, Herbert N.*

Streeter, Marshall S. **

Titus, Herbert B.

Tyrrel, David B.

Tyrrel, Everett C.

Walton, David S. Jr.

Warren, Lyman H.

Wheeler, Alonzo W.


None died in battle,

1 died of wounds received in Battle**

 6 died of disease *

10 were wounded and survived


(Appearing in the Vermont Phoenix Newspaper in the 1800s:  John Langdon Britton, a native of Chesterfield, NH went up to the front during the Civil was as a drummer, although he was over 55 years old.  He may have enlisted in Springfield, VT)


Revolutionary War

Amiden, Ephraim

Bacon, Nathaniel

Baldwin, Daniel

Bingham, Elisha

Bingham, Gustavus

Bingham, Nathaniel

Bingham, Stephen

Bingham, Theodorus

Bishop, John

Bishop, Nathan

Brown, Oliver

Carlton, Kimball

Cobleigh, Dan

Cobleigh, Eleazer

Cobleigh, Jonathan

Cobleigh, Oliver

Colburn, Amasa

Colburn, Amos

Colburn, Daniel

Converse, Samuel Davis

Coughlan, Richard

Crafford, William

Crane, Francis

Cressey, Aaron

Cressey, Henry

Cressey, Jonathan

Cressey, Jonathan Jr.

Daby, Thomas

Davis, Amos

Davis, Ezekiel

Davis, Jacob

Davis, Jonathan

Davis, Samuel

Davison, John

Higgins, Joseph Jr.

Hildreth, Jonathan Jr.

Hildreth, Isaac

Hildreth, Jesse

Hildreth, Martin

Hildreth, Reuben

Hildreth, William

Hinds, Jacob

Hollava, Merrill

Hubbard, Amos

Hubbard, Oliver

Johnson, Charles

Jordan, Eleazer

Kennison, Daniel

Lee, William

Merrill, John

Metcalf, Asa

Metcalf, Joseph

Metcalf, Joseph Jr.

Metcalf, Nathan

Metcalf, Thomas

Nichols, William

Partridge, Ames

Partridge, Eli

Peacock, John

Peacock, Samuel

Pierce, David

Pierce, John

Pierce, Simon

Porter, Ebenezer

Powers, Ezekiel

Pratt, John

Putnam, John

Richardson, William

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