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Chesterfield Historical Society Annual Meeting

Wed. Oct. 23, 2019


Spofford Fire Department

9 Pontiac Drive

Spofford, NH 03462

All are welcomed to our Annual Meeting.  As usual it is a potluck.  Please bring a dish of your choice.  Refreshments will be provided.

This year we will have a presentation about:

Estey Organ Company

by Dennis Waring

The Estey Organ Company, in Brattleboro, VT was the largest organ manufacturer in the US.  At its peak it employed about 700 people and sold its high-quality items around the world.  It is estimated that between 1846 - 1955, it produced over a half a million reed organs.  The founder, Jacob Estey (1814 - 1890), was from Hinsdale and started life as a plumber.  Although, he had no musical training, he was an amazing businessman who saw the manufacture of reed organs as a good opportunity. Come learn about this man, his business talent, and his legacy.  

Remember, you don't have to be a member to attend.    


Madam Sherri Revisited

Lynne Borofsky

Thurs. Aug. 1st - 7PM

Asbury United Methodist Church


Lynne Borofsky, a local authority on Madame Sherri, will share some of the material recently found in the home of the late Ann Stokes.  Ann purchased the famous Castle property and the forest around it and worked diligently to preserve them.  Also, some buried archived material found by the late Wayne Carhart, President of the Battleboro Historical Society 1998 - 2004, will be revealed.  The program will end with a 30-minute documentary film by American Ruins on Madame Sherrie who some consider one of our most famous, or, for some notorious, Chesterfield residents. 

The Friendly Tavern

Alan Rumrill

Tues. July 16th - 7PM

Asbury United Methodist Church


Alan Rumrill, the Executive Director of the Historical Society of Cheshire County (NH), will give a presentation that  explores the history of public lodging in the region from the mid-1700s to the mid-1900s.  The story is told through the history of three dozen Cheshire County taverns, hotels, grand hotels, motels, and country inns.    


Diver finds Old Navy Bomb in Lake Spofford

by Annette Spaulding - Thurs. July 11th - 7pm

Asbury United Methodist Church


In April 1952, the Navy dropped several practice bombs on a frozen Lake Spofford. Two were recovered, the rest lie deep in the lake’s silt, their location unknown. Recently, while searching for the remains of the Steamship Allegretto, Annette Spaulding made the unexpected discovery of a third bomb.  Come join us as Annette reveals how this was accomplished.  She will show, for the first time, a video and photos of this amazing discovery.  

35 Years of Diving in Spofford Lake 

History, Fish, and Adventures

Annette Spaulding

Tues. June 11 - 7PM

Asbury United Methodist Church


Annette returns with some interesting discoveries that she has made in Spofford Lake, none of which she has shared in her other presentations.  There will be underwater footage, slides and stories that will amaze you.  

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