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Number 23                                                                                                                               Fall 2007


Colonial Pot luck Supper & Annual Meeting

Wednesday October 17th @ 6:30 Town Hall


Hope you will join us for a delicious meal, to see old friends, view our 2008 calendar and our hopefully soon to be published Spofford Lake book.  Please bring a dish to share and something for our harvest raffle - always a highlight of the evening.


A View from the Lake: the Cottages of Spofford Lake, NH


We are looking forward to sharing plans for publishing Marty Potter’s book tentatively titled “A View from the Lake: the Cottages of Spofford Lake, NH”.  We have chosen an editor and publisher; however, we need your vote to proceed. Over 225 cottages have been photographed and researched by Marty as part of this nearly 3-year project! The book will also include maps and history of the resorts and camps around on the lake. 


Stanford University has Chesterfield roots!


On the genealogical front, we had an interesting surprise.  We learned this summer that the founder of Stanford University has Chesterfield roots!  Garrett Hermenson of Albany, NY, who has done much research on the Chesterfield Stanfords, visited the society and photographed the Stanford lot in the Ware/Joslyn Cemetery on the Chesterfield Road.


Miss Spofford Lake of 1927


We also had an extra treat!  You will enjoy our photo of Miss Spofford Lake of 1927.  The family of Marion Stanton, a teacher in Chesterfield from 1926 to 1931, spent a morning at the historical society and shared the photo with us.  They enjoyed seeing photos of the two room schoolhouses where she taught. The information found in the town reports that she was paid $995 as a teacher of grades 5-8 and an additional $35 for doing janitorial work was also of much interest.





Dave Allen has again pulled together, with society members’ help, an historical calendar for 2008.  Thanks to community support, the 2007 one was a small financial success!  Dave was intrigued by the photos that Skip White had brought in of his grandfather, Edson White and his Lake Spofford to Keene stagecoach and choose to use one on the cover and inside.  Hearing that Glenn and Stella Chickering were dumbfounded to discover the Lake Spofford Stage coach on display at the Kentucky Museum of the Horse on a visit several years ago, Dave contacted the museum.  He was able to trace the ownership after Mr. White through the Goyetes of Peterborough to the Sawyers at Silver Ranch to the museum. It has been restored to more than its original glory, by some observations.  The remaining photos in the calendar are equally as interesting- from the Stone House Golf Course to the doodle bug races. Remember, the calendars make very good Christmas presents!


Local Native American Fort


Member Fred Rawlings has made the news!  The Boston Sunday News (August 26, 2007) no less!  Fred was able to assist Dr. Robert Goodby form Franklin Pierce locate the site of an ancient Native American fort in Fred’s old neighborhood in Swanzey.  Fred also gave Dr. Goodby some stone tools that he had found there.  Fred was quoted as saying “To pick up something nobody’s touched for 11,000 years is pretty exciting.” 



See you at the Annual Meeting on October 17th!

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