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2019 Accomplishments


$95,000 LCHIP Grant Award


CHS was awarded a  2019 LCHIP (NH Land and Community Heritage Investment Program) Grant for $95,000 to support the development of the Stone House Tavern Museum.  The grant is being used to fund phase I construction that will secure the building from the elements.  As of October, the chimneys have been replaced, the slate roof repaired, stonework restored/repointed as needed, and exterior doors repaired/painted. Carpentry is being completed this fall, and windows and painting will be completed by spring 2021.  Construction began in June 2020.  As part of this award, the firm of Weller & Michael Architects, Inc. of Harrisville, NH is completing the construction plans for phase II. 


This is our second LCHIP grant.  Once again this is a matching grant, requiring CHS to invest an additional $95,000.  Donations are appreciated!  In 2021 we will  move to phase II of the operation.  Phase II includes bathrooms and a staircase necessary to comply with ADA and local fire regulations. Additional grants and fundraising will be necessary.


We want to thank all who have supported the Historical Society and our plans for the future Stone House Tavern Museum.  Every contribution will be used to create a museum in this iconic building that will share with all who enter the knowledge of Chesterfield's and the Monadnock region's places in history. 


The Stone House Tavern Update:  Fall 2019


James Gavin, a renown architectural historian and preservationist has documented the unique and remarkable features of the Stone House Tavern.  This special report titled "Report on the Pierce Tavern" can be read at the CHS building.  Although this project is and will continue to be a challenge, this report outlines why it was so important.


We are now working on Phase 1 of the restoration and preservation project.  It involves securing the building from the outside elements.  Bricks have fallen from the chimneys and the slate roof needs work.  Doors and windows also need restoration.  To fund this project, CHS has applied for another LCHIP grant.  This time it is in the amount of $310,595 of which CHS must match half.  This amount will be secured from other grants and private donations.  We will not know if the grant will be awarded in full, or part, or at all, until December.


CHS has recieved grants from other foundations.  For example a $1000 grant was awarded from Keene's "More Than a Thrift Store".  Research is presently being done on other possible grants and several have been applied for.


There has been some landscaping done.  Beside normal maintenance, shurbbery has been removed, windows cleaned, and sadly trees removed.  The Department of Transportation has removed two large maples from the RT 63 side of the property and CHS has removed one maple for the east side.  We will miss their color, but they were in poor health and their stability was in question.  Unfortunately, two large limbs almost hit the building during this summer's storms.   Safety was the main issue.


The inside of the building has been cleaned, some window covering added, and a few lovely donations are now lovingly placed.  However, it still looks like it could be at least two years, if not more, before the realization of our dream of opening a museum will happen.  Please keep your fingers crossed, and if possible, send in any donation towards this project.


Work inside and out

Cleaning and Work

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