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Stone House Tavern Project

Every time we're given the opportunity to save something of historical significance — like the
Stone House Tavern — we should take it, because it's a chance to preserve a piece of our
American Story. Wishing you all success with this project.”


In December 2018, CHS received a $10,000 grant from the New Hampshire Land and Community Heritage Investment Program (LCHIP).  This is a matching grant, meaning CHS must match it dollar for dollar.  It was granted for purpose of creating a preservation planning study for the Stone House Tavern Museum.  This study will provide a road map to guide CHS in identifying and assessing the building's preservation needs and priorities. 


Upon receipt of the grant, CHS immediately requested bids from several historic preservations professionals.  We are happy to announce that the contract has been awarded to  Weller & Michal Architects Inc. (Harrisville, NH).  Their work should be completed by April and work on preserving the building should begin immediately afterward.


Work updates:  Cleaning of the windows and most of the interior has been completed.  Wilcox Trees of Chesterfield, NH has removed diseased trees and brush from the property.  The DOT has agreed to do tree work on their Route 63 easement.  CHS is in the process of trying to develop ways to reduce the cost of heating the building.  A property manager to oversee the apartments and general maintain of the building has been contracted.


Because of the generosity of many donors, CHS bought the Stone House in April 2018. We have added business sponsors in recent months: Ames Performance, More Than a Thrift Store, Pat Rawson Construction, Infinity Cleaning, Wilcox Tree, Green Mountain Bovine, Guyette Fire Protection, Howard's Leather, Over the River Day Spa, and Toadstool Bookstore. Our thanks to all our donors.


Future plans are to open the building as the Stone House Tavern Museum.  CHS will develop new educational programs, and work with other local historic sites to establish cooperative programming. Visitors will see a variety of historical displays, and through guided tours, will come to understand how some families lived in 1831, and how important the tavern was for people travelling this route between New Hampshire and Vermont...and points beyond.


In order to make this a reality, we must continue fundraising for repairs.  Our current goal is to tighten the building through roof, chimney, and basement rehibilitation and to seek architectural restoration expertise to meet the code standards for an historical museum.   Plus, we have  created a Stone House Sustainability Fund that will support program development and ongoing preservation of the structure. 


With continued support from the community, we are confident that we can accomplish these short and long term goals.  If you require more information, 

e-mail us at


Below are examples of some of the unique features that make this 1831 building so special:  Vintage barkeeper's cage; Beehive stove; Ballroom; and Attic accommodations for stagecoach drivers and drovers.  Preserving the ballroom was especially significant, as the fiddler stand may be one of the last in NH.


The attic's five cubicles for overnight, spartan  accommodations are a rarity nationwide.  It is amazing that these small rooms still exist; the building has had 12 owners since 1831!  


And now, the Chesterfield Historical Society can guarantee the building's preservation.

We thank our Platinum Business Partner!

Ames Performance Engineering

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