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Stone House Tavern Project

“Every time we're given the opportunity to save something of historical significance — like the
Stone House Tavern — we should take it, because it's a chance to preserve a piece of our
American Story. Wishing you all success with this project.” — KEN BURNS


The Chesterfield Historical Society has succeeded in raising the necessary $250,000 to purchase the Stone House Tavern at the junction of Routes 9 and 63 in Chesterfield, NH.


"We closed on the property on April 24th thanks to the numerous donations received," said Board President, Cornelia Jenness. "We are extremely appreciative of those individuals, businesses, and foundations that recognize the importance of saving this historic structure.”


CHS is also pleased to announce that the building has been placed on the New Hampshire Register of Historical Places.  This is a vital step towards recieving recognition on the National Register of Historic Places. 


Future plans include opening it as the Stone House Tavern Museum.  CHS will develop new educational programs and work with other local historic sites to establish cooperative programming. Visitors will see a variety of historical displays and, through guided tours, will come to understand how some families lived in 1831 and how important the tavern was for people travelling this route between New Hampshire and Vermont.


"Community support has been quick and amazing, but we have far to go before opening the Stone House Tavern as a museum to the community. Our next step is to continue fundraising for repairs and also create a Stone House Sustainability Fund that will support program development and ongoing preservation of the structure," explained Jenness.


Earlier this year, the Zoning Board granted our variance request to use the Stone House Tavern as a museum.  Now that we have purchased it, our next set of goals is to preserve it, create a vibrant showcase of Chesterfield’s past, and develope programs to educate people of all ages about Chesterfield’s  importance to the region and its connection to the history of our nation.


With continuted support from the community, we are confident that we can accomplish these long and short term goals. The project's goals  and the donation form are available at the bottom of this site.  If you require more information, contact Naomi Davis Lee (Noe) at 603-903-8516 or e-mail us at


Below are examples of some of the unique features that make this 1831 building so special:  vintage barkeeper's cage, beehive stove, ballroom, and attic accommodations for stagecoach drivers and drovers.  Preserving the ballroom is especially significant, as the fiddler bench may be one of the last in NH. The attic's five cubicles for overnight, Spartan  accommodations are  a rarity nationwide.  It is amazing, that although the building has had 12 owners since 1831, that these features still exist.  And now, the Chesterfield Historical Society can guarantee these will remain and thus preserve the building's historical integrity.

Project Executive Summary
A capital campaign of $750,000 to include individual and grant support will provide for the following objectives:
1. $310,000 to purchase the building and fund the capital campaign - ACCOMPLISHED!
2. $200,000 to provide for short and long term restoration, maintenance and preservation
3. $240,000 to establish The Stone House Sustainability Fund for educational programming
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Capital Campaign Donation Form
Click through to download our Donation Form and become part of the preserving Chesterfield History.
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